70+ Dragonfly Tattoo Designs Ideas to Supercharge Your Body

Dragonfly Tattoo

Tattoos are popular for their symbolism and deep meaning, which reflect the bearer’s personality the way they want to express it to the world. Tattoos are a great medium to show off art, culture, and passion for things. After butterflies, the next most sought-after tattoo designs amongst insects is the dragonfly. Bright and beautiful, with double-sided wings, dragonfly tattoo look stunning with their multicolor.

Popular amongst women, at present, even men prefer dragonfly tattoo designs. Dragonfly tattoos are one such design that is buried in symbolism. Being able to live both in air and water, colourful and culturally significant.

Meaning of Dragonfly Tattoo

Like butterflies, dragonflies undergo metamorphosis. From a flightless cocoon, they transform into full-grown insects who can fly. This transition represents growth, the cycle of life and leaving the past behind and moving into the future.

In Japanese culture, the bright and beautiful creatures are symbolic of strength, happiness, and positive force. Chinese culture believes, the dragonfly outline represents harmony and prosperity. In contrast to these, European culture views dragonflies as a symbol of evil.

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Modern culture represents dragonflies as symbols of good luck, speed, and agility., Dragonflies are considered a symbol of change by Native Americans and Asians. Leaving obstacles behind and moving into better times with positivity and embracing this change wholeheartedly. In these tribes, dragonflies represent strength, joy, and bravery.

Being able to survive both on air and water, this dual nature makes dragonflies unique. Air is symbolic of freedom. Going into the unknown, without any preconceived notions, bravely,  shunning the old ways, it represents independence and advancement.

The wings of the dragonfly signify freedom, fun and carefree nature, its flight pattern showing free spirit and one’s wild side. It means dreams. Dreaming of flying and achieving. The wings of the dragonfly thus symbolize ambition and goals.

Its ability to live in water, stand for with spirituality. The female lays around 100,000 eggs at a time. Hence dragonflies are also symbolic of fertility. Dragonfly tattoos symbolize rebirth and are associated with certain myths, like a dragonfly sitting on you, means its soul has been passed on, Native American culture.

70+ Dragonfly Tattoo Designs for Your Sexy Body

As a result of metamorphosis, the dragonfly changes color. In Asian culture, this aspect represents mysticism and magic of light. It signifies showing your inner light to others and seeing it in them. Dragonfly tattoos with a third eye, or more represents the watching eye and protection. It represents time, the past, present, and future.

Dragonfly Tattoo




Dragonfly Tattoo


Dragonfly Tattoo



Dragonfly Tattoo



Dragonfly Tattoo



Dragonfly Tattoo


Dragonfly Tattoo


Types of Dragonfly Tattoo

  • Watercolor dragonfly tattoos. Very cheerful and bright effects of the colors, watercolor style of tattoos make use of the body as a canvas and create art that stands out against the pale skin.
  • Tribal style dragonfly tattoo design, incorporating old-world charm and Celtic and Samoan culture origins. Traditional, creative and bold, tribal designs are intricate and beautiful.
  • Colorful dragonfly designs with improvisations like the body of ruby, surrounded by white pearls, small, well-sized wings and showing off a myriad of shades.
  • Four small dragonflies placed on the North, South, East and West directions, joined by lines and curves that ultimately represent a web or flower.
  • Minimalistic dragonfly tattoos. These are less colorful, mostly in black and subtle. The artwork is simple and elegant. They look graceful and neat.
  • 3D dragonfly tattoos that look futuristic and more real than the other types. Visually arresting and attractive, these designs require skill and creativity.
  • Dragonfly tattoo with Om and Mandala designs, where the symbols and designs are painted through the body of the dragonfly, such that the intricate designs outline their body shape.
  • Black and white outline of dragonfly designs as tattoos.
  • A detailed dragonfly with geometric shapes around it.
  • Linework and dot work designs of the dragonfly that look simple and neat.
  • Matching couple designs of the insect.

Placement of Dragonfly Tattoo

Dragonfly tattoos look good on various body parts. The designs are incredibly versatile. Large tattoos which depict the dragonfly in flight with its wings spread out wide and beautiful, and done in bright, cheerful colors, look stunning on the back, lower abdomen, shoulders, thighs, and hips.

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Smaller designs on the collarbone, back shoulder, wrist, and ankle, looks elegant and graceful. Dragonfly tattoos inked on the chest is common. The forearms, the spine, and the lower back exude sensuality with the right dragonfly tattoo designs.

The other popular choice of body parts is the neck, behind the ears, feet and around the fingers and toes. Men’s design differs from women’s design of dragonflies. Men prefer bolder and tribal designs, while women prefer soft, colorful, bright tattoos.

Before getting any tattoo, it is essential to go put in a lot of thought into the design, and the same goes for dragonfly tattoos. Place your tattoo carefully if your work requires you to deal with a variety of clients, some people look at tattoos scornfully, flashing a vibrant, large dragonfly on a visible part of your body is not the wisest choice.

Dragonfly tattoos are a great choice of design to be played around with. A skilled artist can create a lot of new designs and ideas to make your tattoo unique and stunning. Exuding elegance, charm, and mysticism, if these reflect your personality, opt for dragonfly tattoos.

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