150+1 Best Hip Tattoos Designs in 2018 (Sexy & Seductive Ideas)

Hip Tattoos

Are you looking for Cool Hip Tattoo Designs? The trend of tattooing has been on the rise over the years. From celebrities to the common man, everyone seems to have been bitten by the tattoo bug. Admit it, if you haven’t already got one, you are undoubtedly thinking about one!

With this hike in popularity of tattoos, creativity and innovations in technique and design have also been evolving daily. Everyone wants more appealing, attractive and unique designs, and what could be after than a hip tattoo that incorporates all three!

Hip tattoos are essentially feminine body arts, although even men might indulge in them. Sexy, seductive and alluring, tattoos on the hip add that extra element of sensuality to a woman’s personality.

The hip is the region below the waist and above the legs on either side of the body. Covering that region of the body with an intricate design accentuates the curves and adds to the sex appeal.

From Kylie Jenner, Jessie J to Cara Delevingne all sport super sexy hip tattoos.

A rather painful area to get hip tattoos done, in the presence of mostly bones and very little muscle, one must think it thoroughly before going through with the idea of a hip tattoo.

The tattoo design can be something large and detailed, covering the entire length of the hip and standing out on a crowded beach. It can also be a small minimalistic design, that means something special or personal to you. The size of the hip tattoo depends solely on your level of confidence to carry it off.

List of 151 Best Hip Tattoos Designs & Ideas

Types of Hip Tattoos

  • Flowers, hearts and bow designs for a feminine touch.
  • Animal hip tattoos to show ferocity and courage.
  • Tribal art on the hips looks beautiful and unique.
  • Elements of nature to symbolize the beauty of life.
  • Mandala design for peace and unity.
  • Celtic designs to symbolize power and strength.
  • Quotes that mean something to you.
  • Portrait of the person dear to you in watercolor styles.

The idea to get inked on the most visually sensual part of the female body is to attract attention.

Getting a hip tattoo also has its benefit in the professional world, where body arts are looked at scornfully. Hide it during client meetings, flaunt it at a beach party!

If you are rebellious and assertive, a hip tattoo is what you should ink. Get hold of the right tattoo artist and let his creativity flow on the canvas that is your hips.

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