275 Evegreen Feather Tattoos Designs Ideas for Everyone

Nowadays, Everyone wants to look attractive in his/her life. Having cool Tattoos on the body give the person a new different, attractive and sexy look. There are some excellent designs of Feather Tattoos provided by us, which helps you to be alpha human and look extremely attractive.

Best Feather Tattoos Designs Ideas

Between Index Finger and Thumb

A Feather tattoo starts through the index finger and ends at the bottom of the thumb of your right hand give you a fantastic look. This also looks better on your closed fist. This is best for both men and women.

The downside of Left Forearm

A long feather tattoo on your left arm with your at the calamus of the feather give you a different look, Which enhances your arms look. Both boys and girls can have this stylish tattoo on their arm.

On Foot and Leg

Beautiful feather tattoo design starts from pinky finger of the upper side of the foot and goes to the leg. This makes your foot to look good, and this can be made on your both feet. This will be best for those who wear mini skirts or shorts.

From Belly Button to the Chest

An attractive arrow type Feather Tattoo starts from Belly Button and goes to the middle part of the Chest. And between arrow, you can also have your name in this tattoo. This will suit girls and look sexy to their partners.

On Backside just below the Neck

A beautiful feathery tattoo of the design of the first letter of their name on the backside below the neck gives you a Sexy look. Men and women can both have this type of beautiful tattoo on them.

Feather in the triangle

A skin blend three feather in the triangle. Every edge of the triangle has the quill or feather attached to it. This type of tattoo can have at inner arms, at the ankle, at the belly button, breast or chest.

Folded feather

An attractive folded feather flower on the neck or the other parts of the body gives you a sexy look.

Heart in the feathers

A beautiful heart covered with feathers give you an attractive look, and you can it have on any part of your body.

Feathery Tattoo around Belly Button

Do you workout hard to have a flat toned belly? Try a tattoo around it. Make your stomach more appealing with a beautiful tattoo of peacock feather near your belly button. Making the beauty more astonishing, the feathers of the tattoo would shine in different colors. These could even improve the look of your boring jeans, your crop top or your crop shirt. You can show off your belly with a more confident look.

Feather Tattoo under Breast

Bind the gaze of your partner with a tattoo near your appealing breast, and make it further attractive. A tattoo near the chest and above flat belly would give a feminine look. Accept it to brace its grace. It is a sign of affection and romance. Let your beauty fly with this fascinating tattoo, breeding it with beautiful wings.

Two Feathers on Forearms

Now look more stunning in miniskirts with a tattoo on both of your feet. If you like to wear shorts, then you indeed are the reason for its creation. This tattoo depicts the consciousness of a lady towards her looks.

Feathery Tattoo on Inner Forearm

Don’t let your muscular biceps remain untouched with the glow of these beautiful colors; brace them with unusual and eye-catching tattoos and seek the attention of the nearby people. Attract your counterparts too. It shows the emotional sensitivity of a person.

Feather Tattoo under Arm

Now make your off-shoulder top seem more attractive and stunning. Don’t let the eyes of your counterpart lose your look. It is a tattoo which indicates the level of sensitivity of a woman towards cleanliness.

Feather Tattoo along Pelvis

Make your waistline more attractive with a tattoo above your pelvis. Mostly, feathery tattoos are used to upgrade the looks of a belly, but you have options to choose from other choices. Feathers portray impressive smoothness that a woman needs to keep herself adorable. Different designs might suit a personality but are not universal. But then, uniqueness is what everyone seeks. Permit yourself to look cute and sizzling.

Feathery Tattoo on Fingers

People forget to have tattooed fingers, but fingers also contribute to creating a personality. Do not let them remain barren; make them adorable with glowing tattoos. Long fingers with a colorful and appropriate tattoo are like women with beautiful dresses – impressive and attractive. Let the world know your luxurious life and your confidence in it.

Feathered Tattoo on the Thigh

Your smooth thighs can look even higher with a tattoo on them. Increase the beauty of your knickers, shorts, and miniskirts. Moreover, upgrade your summer body to a hotter extent.

Diamond-like Feathery Tattoo on the Body

Tattoo on a particular body part could make it look more beautiful and prettier than it uses to search. It makes that body part appear more attractive.  Don’t hide your real beauty; instead, brace it with love. Allow yourself to look better. Do not feel shy to have your body tattooed; it can make your appearance better.

Feather with Birds along Side of Body

Imagine your beautiful waist with a feathery tattoo of a bird, flying, heading to upper waist from lower. Imagine the confidence that you would carry along with a tattoo on your abdomen. You could then enjoy the staring eyes of your counterparts; or bind the stare of your partner near your pelvis.

Feather Anklet Tattoo

Open shoes, Sandals, or Slippers, no matter what you wear, your legs would look astonishing with this amazing tattoo on your anklet. Lock your long socks and boots in cupboards and open up yourself to show your ankles.

Feather Tattoo on Neck

The neck is a beautiful place to have a tattoo drawn. A feathery tattoo would look cute and would provide a feminine look to the lady seeking the same. This tattoo would portray caring characteristics of a lady. Show everyone what you are and what abilities do you possess.

Feather Tattoo under Breast with Inspiring Quote

Make your breast more eye-catching and stare-gaining with an attractive tattoo along with an inspiring quote there. It is a symbol that a lady can feel worthy, sovereign and free. An inspirational quote will indicate her optimism towards her life and a tattoo near breast would show her consciousness towards her looks and appearance.

Feather Tattoos Designs

Feather Tattoos Designs


Feather Tattoos Designs

Feather Tattoos Designs


Feather Tattoos Designs


Feather Tattoos Designs


Feather Tattoos Designs


Feather Tattoos Designs



Feather Tattoos Designs

Feather Tattoos Designs


Feather Tattoos Designs


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