123 Best Collar Bone Tattoos Designs Ideas That’ll Amaze You

Tattoos have become the talk of the town in this era of giving form to your personality .it expresses what one thinks as a whole or a certain way in…

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Polynesian Tattoos

178 Polynesian Tattoos Designs Ideas & Their Meanings

Polynesia consists of thousands of scattered islands over the Pacific Ocean. Tattooing was like a ritual, a holy practice for Polynesians. We use pen and paper to describe our ideas,…

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Celtic Tattoos

50+ Celtic Tattoos Designs Ideas to Adore Your Body (With Meaning)

Presently Celtic refers to the culture and language that prevailed in the 6 countries, namely Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Brittany and Isle of Man. The origin of this ethnolinguistic group…

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Dragonfly Tattoo

70+ Dragonfly Tattoo Designs Ideas to Supercharge Your Body

Tattoos are popular for their symbolism and deep meaning, which reflect the bearer’s personality the way they want to express it to the world. Tattoos are a great medium to…

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Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

50+ Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Designs and Ideas

There are various types of tattoos; some inked as fashion statements, some to follow the trend, some to rebel against norms and others to honour a memory. Cancer ribbon tattoos…

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Ring Tattoos

120+ Pretty Ring Tattoos For Weddings & Couples

Are you looking for cute wedding Ring Tattoos? With the rising trend of tattoos, the art of inking one’s body with indelible ink has gained popularity, driving tattoo artists to…

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