151 Evegreen Elephant Tattoos Design (With Mommy and Baby Images)

Getting inked is the new cool thing. Some people do it for sentimental reasons while some want to transfer themselves into a living artwork. No matter what the idea is choosing a design or location can be a hard task because of course, you don’t want to get inked permanently with something that you are not happy with. There’s only one life, and there’s no place for regrets right?

So if you are planning to get an elephant tattoo and are not being able to come up with an idea or are utterly clueless about what elephant tattoos might represent or why people want it then this is the right place for you.

Before going on to the ideas, it is better first to know what an elephant tattoo might represent or why someone would want to get it.

  • Elephants are known for their vast size, strength and calm demeanor. If provoked though, they lose their temper and have the capability of causing a catastrophe. They are loyal to their families and are very loving. Often people want to describe their personalities through an elephant tattoo.
  • Some people get an elephant tattoo because it makes them feel strong, and some want to portray their strengths by getting one.
  • Elephants are supposed to be the sign of good luck and have a link to religion.
  • Their cuteness also bags them a lot of popularity.

Best Elephant Tattoos Design Ideas

Now that we know why someone would want to get an elephant tattoo to let’s find out about the elephant tattoo design ideas that you can choose for your first or maybe twentieth tattoo:-

Religious Tattoos

Elephant’s connection to religion is one of the reasons why it is a popular choice for a tattoo design. Ganesha is a famous and most worshipped Hindu God, sometimes known as the elephant God because he has the head of an elephant and body of a human. Ganesha symbolizes good luck, wisdom, and intellect. He is also known to be a patron of arts and sciences. In Buddhism elephant symbolizes peace and compassion.

People prefer doing Ganesha tattoos on their upper arm, but then you can also do it on your back, forearm, hand or chest. A lot of detailing is associated with this tattoo design so in case you are a person who can’t tolerate much pain, then either you should go for a straightforward design or should think of something else.

War Elephant Tattoos

Such tattoo designs symbolize strength and valor. These designs are thus nowhere near cute. In fact, in such designs, the elephant is portrayed in a very intimidating manner, with long sharp tusks and angry eyes. Such designs include a tremendous amount of detailing which requires a lot of time and patience.

You should avoid going for it if you’re looking for something small and cute and of course if you don’t want much pain. These tattoos are mostly done on the chest, arm or back. Most men prefer doing these tattoos but then inking yourself itself is an act of breaking stereotypes so why not break this stereotype too? So now even women are going for these designs, and if you’re planning to get a tattoo that boosts your strength or resembles power, then this should be it.

Cute Elephant Tattoos

Well, cute elephant tattoos are an all-time favorite because of their cuteness and versatility. They don’t have to mean or symbolize anything because their cuteness does the job.  Cute tattoos have their perks because you can dedicate them to just anybody and they are bound to love it.

  • You can dedicate the tattoo to your lover by choosing a design where the elephant’s trunk forms a heart or holds a heart-shaped balloon or maybe has the first letter of his/her name engraved on the body of the elephant. Also, two elephants’s snuggling against each other or forming a heart with their trunks will be a good choice.
  • You can dedicate the tattoo to your mom or dad by choosing a design with a parent elephant and a baby elephant hugging each other (or maybe mother, father and baby elephant hugging each other). You can even go for a design showing a parent elephant being followed by smaller elephants (with size decreasing from left to right or the other way round) which you can ink on your lower back (above the area where your knickers end or the area on your back below the neck).
  • You can also use these design ideas to dedicate it to your friends, siblings, or anyone who’s individual with appropriate alterations of course.

Since cute tattoos are mostly small, you can ink it anywhere:-

  • Ankles
  • Fingers
  • Hands
  • Forearm
  • Neck
  • Behind the Ear
  • Waist
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back,

and just anywhere you would want to see it or want people to see it.

They are usually small and do not include much detailing, and thus you won’t have to bear much pain (it depends on you though whether you would want to add much detailing on it or not).

Colorful Elephant Tattoos

Religious, war, cute, any of these elephant tattoos can be colorful. It entirely depends on you whether you want to stick to the mainstream black-ink tattoos or want it to have single or multiple colors. They can be watercolor tattoos or mosaic tattoos or just anything that suits you. It’s your body, and you have every right to experiment with it as long as it makes you feel good.

So I think by the end of this article you have figured out what design would you want to get and where of course. So get it done soon and flaunt it like a boss.

Elephant Tattoos



Elephant Tattoos


Elephant Tattoos


Elephant Tattoos


Elephant Tattoos


Elephant Tattoos


Elephant Tattoos


Elephant Tattoos


Elephant Tattoos


Elephant Tattoos

Elephant and Religion – Elephant being a religiously significant animal, have different meanings in different countries ranging from Tibet to India where it’s referred to Lord Ganesha. These tattoos are highly vibrant and contain a lot of meaning.

Animated Elephants– taking inspiration from cartoons and comics, tattoos can be animated as well from ranging from being funny to cute.

Henna Elephants– giving a twist to the normal Elephant; henna elephants are incorporated with henna art giving it a slightly floral touch.

Mother Elephants– mother elephants, are mainly known for their devotion to their children; therefore some people might prefer it to show love towards their mothers.

Small Elephants – small elephants symbolizes good luck, persistence, wisdom, determination, and solidarity.

Mosaic Elephants- Elephant being multicolored is a treat for eyes.

A family of Elephants– As elephants are considered prosperous; family of elephants is preferred by many.

Indian Elephant – High strength and holding great respect in India also known as Lord Ganesha, this tattoo is not so replicate!

Ornate Elephant– a tattoo with old world charm stands along the intricate use of motifs and design to accentuate the elephant depiction, elaborate feather headgear, and the piercing method used. Initials can also be tattooed to make it more personalized.

Elephant and Butterfly Amalgamation- this type of tattoo symbolizes high power and confidence with the ability to fly and reach out to higher goals in life.

White Elephant with dreamcatcher– White Elephant represents purity and honesty; along with the strength to keep the evil thoughts away with the help of the dreamcatcher.

Elephant Couple– Love conquers everything; this tattoo will remind you of your loved one or family member and impart you with the strength to move forward.

Girly Elephant– imparting a touch of feminism to this majestic animal; it makes an excellent choice for a powerful woman.

Naughty Elephant – small elephant can be tattooed at wrong places for a twist like below the waist or around the belly button or the inner thighs.

Cute elephant ankle tattoo– Nothing can be more attractive than small elephant tattooed at your ankle to flaunt!

Rose Elephant– what can more beautiful than an elephant incorporated into one of the most beautiful rose flowers; which makes it more creative and eye-catching.

Dad and Baby elephant– this tattoo will symbolize the relationship between a son and his father; the amount of self -less love and care he showers on his child can never be measured.

Geometric elephant– twist the elephant design by adding some geometric shapes like circle, square and rectangle will add some exoticness to it.

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