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Cross Tattoos

Are you looking for Cross Tattoos? The cross has been mostly associated with Christianity. But its history is far complicated and serves more than just a motif also as a potent religious and cosmological symbol. In some cultures, the cross design represents the cosmic axes or the connection between Heaven and Earth. It represents a point of contact between the sky and the earth, around which everything else revolves. Especially in Christianity, the cross is where Jesus Christ was crucified, a significant moment in the history of the religion.

Cross Tattoos Trend

Cross tattoos are trendy among the youth because of the profound historical and cultural significance they hold, and because of their easily customizable design. It is a fashionable design choice for both men and women, which can be inked on any part of the body, with the simple cross or combined with some other element. Depending on the size and the design, the cross may signify different things for different people of different cultures. Other than this tattoo; you can also find tree tattoos, butterfly tattoos, star & compass tattoos trending over the web.

Cross Tattoos Design

The primary design of cross tattoos is similar to a cross, with two intersecting axes; the vertical one longer than the horizontal one. The motif could be something as simple as an elongated dark “t” sign to massive body covering multi-colored tattoos. Tattoo artists, too, improvise a lot and add a lot of changes to the original design and add some of their flares to it.

In the modern age, you would quickly find people sporting 3D cross designs on their body, and would often imprint their loved ones’ names or some motivational quote along with the tattoo. People also ink Jesus Christ along with the tattoo, or angel feathers or the rising sun. It is all meant to increase the significance of the symbol.

Meaning and Significance of Cross Tattoos

Cross tattoos can mean different things to different people. It varies from culture to culture, region to region. The design and its purpose are also varied not only among various tribes but even among people of different generations. The Cross that stood for something during the Medieval Ages today stands for an entirely different thing.

Predominantly the cross has been associated with the Christain and Catholic religion. People of this faith would often ink it on their body to portray their love and dedication to God. These crosses are of different types, some in Latin styles and some who have borrowed elements from other beliefs.

Different Types of Cross Tattoos Popular in the Market

The most popular among them are:

Anchor Cross

When it comes to cross tattoos, the most predominant among them is the anchor symbol. It is one of the simplest and yet the most popular cross tattoos design standing for hope and faith. This symbol is mostly placed on the wrists and in some cases the top of the fingers.

Christian Cross

It is the typical type of cross we are all aware of, standing as a symbol of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It stands for the hope that Jesus is watching over us and guiding us all.

Celtic Cross

It is a type of Christain cross consisting of a ring or a nimbus that emerged in Ireland during the Early Middle Ages, representing the connection between the physical and the spiritual and stands for the circle of birth and death.

Greek Cross

The Greek Cross is a square shaped Greek Christain symbol which the Assyrians used to represent the heavens.

Iron Cross

The Iron Cross was a formidable symbol of the late German Empire and served as a dominant military decoration standing for bravery and rebellion.

Tau Cross

Also known as St. Anthony’s Cross, this symbol has been taken from the Greek Alphabet and represents eternal life.

Maltese Cross

The Maltese Cross is often associated with the Knights of Malta, ruler of the Maltese Islands during the 15-17th century; representing ultimate sacrifice and courage.


Ankh, also known as “cruz ansata” is an ancient Egyptian symbol designed like a cross, but instead of the top arm has a loop. The logo represents the union of the masculine and feminine principles, culminating in life.

Tattoo Placement

Cross Tattoos are extraordinarily versatile and can be placed anywhere on the body. But you will find a significant populace inking the cross on the back of their shoulder, just behind the neck. It is meant to be a symbol of power and is often the most massive and most detailed tattoo on people’s body. People also ink the cross on their wrists, where the size of the cross is relatively smaller and has a simplistic design. It can also be placed on the top part of the arms or your chest.

In Popular Culture

Cross tattoos are a trendy choice among celebrities, and you would often see both Hollywood and Bollywood celebs inking this tattoo. Celebs from various walks of life have got this tattoo, including teen sensation Miley Cyrus, American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson, Pop Singer Rihanna, Supermodel Kate Upton and own very own desi boy Ranbeer Kapoor.

So, if you are thinking about getting yourself a new tattoo, you can’t go wrong with the cross. It’s a tattoo designed for all reasons and seasons, something that will remain forever classic.

Cross Tattoos Designs for Men & Women

christan cross tattoo



christan cross tattoo



christan cross tattoo


christan cross tattoo


christan cross tattoo


christan cross tattoo



christan cross tattoo


christan cross tattoo


christan cross tattoo


Final Words

So, these were the best cross tattoos ideas that you can try. Some of them are symbolic, some of them are modern but every cross tattoo depicts your love to Jesus. Have a look at all of them and do share your favorite one in the comment section below.

If you wish to submit your personal tattoo designs, you can either mail us or reach us through the contact section. If we’d find your design amazing, we’ll definitely feature it in our list along with full credits.

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