99+1 Cool Arabic Tattoos With Deep Meanings & Translations

Arabic Tattoos

Everyone is crazy for Arabic Tattoos! I guess, so are you? We are all fascinated by Middle Eastern culture and customs. The Middle East, with their rich heritage and beauty in architecture and philosophy, has an old-world royal charm in its most widely used language, Arabic.

Arabic culture and language have an air of mysticism around it. Hence Arabic Tattoos are quite popular amongst people all over the world.

Arabic tattoos, although ancient in style, look timeless in design. The cursive bend of the letters makes them see strikingly attractive. People usually like the fluidity of the Arabic language.

The font and the fact that the language is not popular across all geographical boundaries, make Arabic tattoos somewhat popular.

History of Arabic Tattoos

According to history, Arabic religious tattoos were found on 6,000 years old painted figurines in the Tigris-Euphrates valley in the year 1930. 19th Century travelers have also recorded their version of encountering Arabic style tattoos.

Very little information is available on Arabic tattoos in the English language. You can form an idea from Henry Field’s Body Marking in South-western Asia. The survey included tattooing, branding, and the use of Kohl and henna widely. He concluded that tattooing techniques in Arabic countries resulted from religious rituals.

In the Arab countries, tattooing was most common amongst the nomadic Bedouin tribe tattooed by the gypsy Nawar tribe. The women of the tribe would tattoo their bodies heavily, even their face. They influenced tattooing.

In the South-west Asian countries, traditionally it was the women who indulged in tattooing, the methods kept hidden.

Trends of Arabic Tattoos

Called ‘dagg’ or ‘daqq’ in Iraq, meaning to strike or knock, tattooing was done by a puncture. Of the two types of tattooing; ornamental and curative, ornamental was done in the simple and crude form of art and curative at the sight of injury or pain.

Tattoos were looked down upon by the upper class and city-dwellers in the past. At present, it has come to be a symbol of status and trend.

Celebrities have popularised the trend of Arabic tattoos, making them look exclusive and arresting. From Angelina Jolie, who has the word ‘determination’ inked on her, when loosely translated, to Selena Gomez with ‘love yourself first.’ Collin Farrell, Zayn Malik, Christina Perri, Michael Clarke, Rihanna and Zoe Saldana, wall have a variety of Arabic tattoos inked on them with varied meanings and symbolism.

Types and meanings of Arabic Tattoos

Though religion supposedly prohibits Arabs from inking their body with graphics and designs, yet many Arabs indulge in them freely.

Arabic tattoos have spiritual and religious symbolism.

The uniqueness of the Arabic language is, it’s read and written from right to left, in contrast to the conventional way of reading or writing. Written in beautiful and neat calligraphy, Arabic tattoos look more like a painting than letters in ink on your body.

The Arabic language is continually evolving every day. Inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphics, calligraphy is an output of both art and communication. Islam views figurative designs as idol worship, which goes against its religious beliefs, hence calligraphy serves exquisite looking expressions and words.

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What do Arabic Tattoos mean to the Youth?

  • Arabic tattoos of inspirational words like Love, Wisdom, Joy, and Peace, is a reminder of what is essential in life.
  • A line of some Arabic text or scripture is a reflection of the rich Arabic culture and literary heritage.
  • Meaningful Arabic proverbs that when translated hold deep meaning and understanding to you.
  • Couple Arabic Tattoos – Some texts or scripture in Arabic, which a majority of people don’t understand. However, it could hold a unique and personal meaning to both of you.
  • Design of the Hamsa or Hand of Fatima, an Islamic symbol for Muhammad’s daughter, Fatima Zahra.
  • People believe that this symbol protects a person from ‘evil eyes.’ Moreover, it also confers on them all sorts of good fortune in the form of wealth, health, love, and peace. It is also a symbol of courage.
  • The hand with its five fingers represent both Muhammad’s family and the five pillars of Islam. Islam stands on the five pillars of faith, prayer, almsgiving, fasting, and a pilgrimage to Mecca.
  • Henna Arabic tattoo designs at present can be of two types; tattoos with permanent ink in the style of henna designs, and patterns drawn with henna, the traditional red dye. Popular in Indian and Middle Eastern countries, henna tattoos are temporary, yet long-lasting.
  • Inking one’s name in Arabic is the most common form of Arabic tattoos.
  • Soulful and deep poems and phrases from Arabic texts.
  • Celtic pattern designs of Arabic words or symbols.

Arabic Tattoos


Arabic Tattoos


Arabic Tattoos


Arabic Tattoos


Arabic Tattoos



Arabic Tattoos


Arabic Tattoos



Arabic Tattoos


Arabic Tattoos


Arabic Tattoos


Placement of Arabic Tattoos

All in All, one can ink Arabic in any region of their choice. However, there are some specific patterns and types of Arabic tattoos look more capturing on particular body parts.

A poem of phrase as a line of Arabic text looks exotic when inked along the spine or ribs. A unique way is to ink it along the structure of your collarbone. Arabic symbols look beautiful on the shoulders, wrist, and ankles. You can get the names around the fingers in calligraphy and even on the feet. Moreover, another popular choice of regions for Arabic Tattoos is the chest, hip, forearms, lower abdomen, neck, and legs.

Colorful and elaborate Arabic symbols look best over a large surface area such as the upper and lower back. You can the minimalistic Arabic tattoos on any region of your body, and will always look timeless and beautiful.

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Once you choose your design and region where you want to get the tattoo, cross-check the meaning of your tattoo with someone who knows the language. Visit a professional tattoo artist who has previous experience in Arabic Tattoos, as it is imperative to get the spelling and writing done correctly. Discuss your design in detail with them seek several opinions from different experts, before choosing one.

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