95+ Most Popular Foot Tattoos for Women (2018 Updated)

Foot Tattoos

Are you looking for elegant foot tattoos? Besides conforming to fashion, culture, and trend, tattoos are a form of self-expression. Of the various body parts, feet are the most functional along with our hands. To adorn the feet with beautiful graphical art or sketches in the form of tattoos are a fast-growing trend.

The foot provides a flat surface as a canvas to the artist to draw his masterpiece. Foot tattoos are alluring and captivating when done in bright colors and unique designs.

Mostly popular amongst women, men also prefer foot tattoos of specific designs.

Foot Tattoos Trends

Though foot tattoos have become a trend in present times, it’s history dates back several years. The very art of tattooing bears its origin in Western Culture to sailors. Back in the 1700s, the sailors told stories of their travels and beliefs through their tattoos. Inspired by the indigenous people they came across in their voyages, they inked the elements of the Earth, wildlife and nature on their body. These were their lucky charms and talismans which protected them at sea. The particular tattoo of a cross on the sole of either foot was believed to ward off sharks in case of shipwreck, while a North Star would guide them home to safety.

Celebrities have popularized foot tattoos and often wear them proudly on red carpets and premieres as part of their foot accessories. From Lea Michelle with her butterfly and ‘imagine’ inscribed foot tattoo, Rihannna’s Egyptian falcon and musical notes to Zoe Saldana’s Arabic foot tattoo. Other celebrities sporting foot tattoos include Megan Fox, Charlize Theron, Demi Lavato and Blac Chyna.

Foot tattoos are a symbol of sensuality and sophistication. When paired with high heels, they accentuate the feminine body and charm.

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Types of Foot Tattoos

  • Floral patterns on the feet. Foot tattoos of floral designs look both feminine and beautiful. Flower foot tattoos can symbolize both Buddhist Faith or simple beauty.
  • Animal designs. Large face of lions, tigers or tiny silhouettes of elephants and frogs inked on the feet.
  • Bird-foot tattoos. A flight of birds in the air, or a single bird resting on a branch, bird tattoos can be depicted in various styles and designs.
  • Star designs primarily representing the North Star as the guiding light of the sailors and its variations.
  • Butterfly and heart foot tattoo in 3D styles that make them look bright and realistic.
  • Foot tattoos that extend and wrap around the toes, making the toes a part of the artist’s canvases.
  • Letters and Words inked on the foot which holds some inspirational or sentimental value.
  • Matching tattoos on both feet or matching couple tattoos on one foot of either couple.
  • Mandala tattoo design on foot is symbolizing peace and unity.
  • Maritime symbols like anchors, compass, sail, hook, steering wheel, and ships.
  • Celtic and geometric tattoo designs that look quite fascinating.
  • Henna-dyed foot tattoo styles that look enchanting and beautiful.
  • Anklet tattoos could be a chain, a feather or a dream catcher inked to look like an anklet.
  • Tribal tattoos that look wild, rustic or detailed with several intricacies.
  • Minimalistic foot tattoos. The most popular style of tattoos for the feet. They look elegant, simple and fuss-free. The designs could be anything small and simple like the sun, moon, mountain, waves, arrow, a single flower, anything minimal yet impressionable.

Foot Tattoos



Foot Tattoos



Foot Tattoos


Foot Tattoos


Foot Tattoos


Foot Tattoos

Foot Tattoos


Foot Tattoos


Foot Tattoos

Foot Tattoos – Body Placements

You can place the foot tattoos on the heels of the foot with a tiny design. The tattoos can be inked along the side of the feet. Large detailed designs cover the entire feet area. Minimalist tattoos look best on the toes or below the ankles. Elaborate designs that include the whole length of the feet and move upward from the ankle are also popular. Inking a foot tattoo keeping in mind your style of comfort footwear is advisable. Foot tattoos should be inked on areas of maximum visibility, although sometimes people ink them on the soles of their feet like the sailors of yesteryear.

The feet are a somewhat sensitive region to ink. With mostly bone and a thin layer of muscle and skin, foot tattoos are accompanied by a lot of pain. Many skilled tattoo artists still refuse to work on the feet, owing to the high-risk factor of the region. It requires an experienced expert and a lot of courage on the part of the customer to bear the pain.

Things to know before getting Foot Tattoos

Get a foot tattoo after putting in a lot of thought into it. A foot tattoo means regular care and cleaning of the feet. It also means showing it off. If your job requires you to wear closed shoes all the time, you shouldn’t opt for foot tattoos.

Foot tattoos also take a longer time to heal as we are always on the move. Tattoos need two to three weeks to heal, contact with shoes or socks during that time can prove to hamper the healing process of the tattoo. On the other hand, walking around barefoot would lead to infection. The ink also blurs out over time. This happens sooner in case of foot tattoos, resulting in short-term satisfaction for the customer.

Feet are a tricky place to get a tattoo since it’s mostly covered. Therefore, you should wisely choose the foot tattoos that you are planning to get. Getting a pretty tattoo, you must wear footwear that shows it off with class. Sleek stilettos, peep toes, flip-flops are the advised choice of footwear in such cases.

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Final Words

Foot tattoos are also the best choice in a corporate world, to hide it from the scornful stares of your boss under formal shoes, but flaunt it at the party afterward in fashionable footwear.

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