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Guardianship, Courage, Loyalty

United we stand, divided we fall. A saying we often hear when any dispute occurs within our family. The wolves follow the same kind of technique. They walk and hunt in packs. A symbol of strength .spirtuality, unity, and guardianship, these animals are often a choice of tattoo-fans. Usually signifying of power, people find themselves with the powerful animal; The wolves.

Let It be a  choice for everyone, including the one who is beginners or the ones who have cultivated this practice long ago. Wolf is always a great option to start with. We, the humans, have much in common with the wolves. Illustrating the fact, acknowledging the fact they move in packs as well as the humans have run in boxes to accomplish what they aspired of.

Talking about endurance, endurance is capable of wear and tear. Humans, in spite of such wear and tear in an accident, are still alive and survive most of their lives as they are. Wolves have the same in common. With an encounter with the king of Jungle, they persist with a lot of scars on their body, bleeding.

We, humans, have learned a lot from wolves. From hunting to how to move in packs. As we evolved in families wolves too developed in boxes. The way our parents nourish and take care of us, the same way the alpha member(head of the wolf family) take care of the cubs and pups out there within their packs.

Whether one remembers the book “Twilight” saga, where the male protagonist is a member of the deadly wolf family. The second book titled New Moon is wholly based upon the strength and the spirituality of the wolves. Often, these wolves resemble too the vampires in various Tv series as well as  book series( which are later converted into movies..)

Tattoo of these such powerful and impactful are always a sign of guardianship, royalty, and spirituality. The most important sign of these tattoos is the strength one wants to show-off.

Best Wolf Tattoos Design Ideas

The Owl, spirit animal that signifies the person of strong spirit guide for discernment and making the decision based on good solid foundations. The fox appearing as a spirit animal in anyone’s life signifies or tells the person about quick and right moves, mind you, swift movements too. Yes, the fox is known of its cleverness. Similarly, the wolf as a  spirit animal resembles strength and power. These animals aspire for freedom and independence.

Wolf Tattoos


Wolf Tattoos


Wolf Tattoos




Wolf Tattoos


Wolf Tattoos


Wolf Tattoos


Wolf Tattoos


Wolf Tattoos

They are talking about the negative aspects of the wolf tattoos. These animals also resemble threat and insecurity, maybe towards someone, or, perhaps towards oneself. Their presence can also be consequences as a threat you may be facing from someone. These are just the facts that are commonly listened about someone who has a wolf tattoo.  Though these may not be true every time, we can say that they are mostly.

In ancient period, these animals were a great sign of magnificence, courage and more fundamentally, how to hunt. Old people learned hunting by admiring and observing these animals very keenly. They learned from the basics to the expertise levels. The confidence we talk about is all that we talk about has been learned from these animals.

Many a time,  these wolves are being taken as a reminder to keep oneself active, keep oneself enthusiastic and lively. Like humans, they too have emotions. As like humans, they also have different feelings within themselves. Some are too active; some are loners, some are lovers, some are leaders.

Every time somebody wants to show their inner self, they must have thought of inking a tattoo. Tattoos are body art that shows a part of your personality to the rest of the world. Whether it may be on the arms, on the forearms, on the necks and everywhere someone wants to. Having thought of wolf tattoo is in its way too fascinating and surprising. Having it on your body is a great enthusiasm anyone wants.

Its ultimately the persons choice, in which font or style they want their tattoo. Be it Mandala style where there is a lot of internals thread lines within the design that would result in an extreme form which would represent a wolf. Or be it a tribal wolf designed with thick inks of black color which would be developed by the tattoo designer beautifully.

Some of the  design which is generally inked  are these:

Two wolves: a sign of loyalty and respect in any relationship

Wolf paw tattoo: a symbol of strength and steadfastness

Wolf dreamcatcher tattoo: it resembles spirits, and the owner believes in supernatural powers

So guys, get it inked in whatever style that fascinates you the most. And yes, they signify power that doesn’t mean you play bluff so that everyone is scared of you.

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