65 Most Impressive Best Hawaiian Tattoos Designs

best Hawaiian tattoos

The tattoo is known to be the new trendsetter in this century, but originally tattoo is very old art. It was known to be an Ancient Tradition. The art of penetrating this tattoo on the different parts of the body is known as tattooing.

Hawaiian is basically one in many of the styles/kinds of the Polynesian tattoo. It is said that the word Tattoo actually originated from Polynesia. According to them, these tattoos said a lot more about the individual ones rather than just depicting a mark or scar on the body. There are different styles of Polynesian tattoo and each one depicts different form, such as Hawaiian depicts more of geometric shapes, Maori depicts distinctive spiral shapes, Marquesas style has more round shapes and many more.

Hawaiian tattoo is from the Pacific and is the most popular choices. The traditional Hawaiian tattoo used geometric shapes and designs were drawn in black ink to mark religious devotion, bravery, and status. But as time passed by the colors were introduced into these tattooing, and different shapes and more exuberance features were added.

The popular Hawaiian tattoo includes many shapes such as lizards, sharks, flowers, etc. The most important design among the Hawaiians was the Hibiscus flower which represented the women of Hawaii. The more interesting fact is, this flower is known to be the state flower.

The art of tattooing has been selflessly spread by both genders. Women usually did this for some part of the body while men preferred to cover the entire one with this intricate art. The cause of choosing specific tattoo styles or design is solely based on the men/women personal feelings. But most people think of is Hibiscus flower, floral headdress around her neck and hula dancer

Hawaiian Tattoos


Hawaiian Tattoos


Hawaiian Tattoos


Hawaiian Tattoos


Hawaiian Tattoos


Hawaiian Tattoos


Hawaiian Tattoos


Hawaiian Tattoos



Hawaiian Tattoos



Hawaiian Tattoos


Hawaiian Tattoos

The Hawaiian Tattoo Ideas

Every person tries to depict some of the other styles of Hawaiian tattoo such as :

1) The Hibiscus flower tattoo
2) Hula dancer tattoo
3) Hawaiian animal tattoo
4) Hawaiian god tattoo

Elaborating about these designs:

1) The Hibiscus Flower Tattoo: Hibiscus is one among the flower which depicts different color and meaning. Generally, it is compared to women so. Hence it is considered to be most beautiful and elegant. The flower not only personifies many things but its color also gives an equal contribution. The red Hibiscus stands for love, yellow stands for friendship, white stands for peace, blue stands for serenity and pink stands for rare beauty. So This tattoo is known to be the most tattooed tattoo in Hawaii.

2) Hula Dancer Tattoo: The other kind, states the specific form of dancing and the artist is said to be a hula dancer. Dances basically tell the story of particular people, places events, etc. Indicating such tattoo shows the love for another art form known as dance. This tattoo has a much longer record compared to Hawaiian culture.

3) Hawaiian Animal Tattoo: Every person has a vivid connection with their land animals so does Hawaiians do. Showing their love and affection towards animals made people of Hawaiian island, mark animal tattoo on their body. There are many animal tattoos inked on one they are: shells which are a symbol of wealth and prosperity, Shark the ones known for their purposefulness, Sea turtles states long life.

4) Hawaiian God Tattoo: The art of worshipping also can be shown by indicating it through ink on the body. Every person has faith in one person that is a god. It symbolizes humanity, mankind and the around.

The Tools for tattooing these all the different forms of designs have changed over time, and few use traditional nature tools such as animals bone for puncturing the skin, needles, etc. But as time has evolved machines have come to perform this art.

In this modern world getting a tattoo with traditional way is considered to be the mark of respect for their culture, so even today in many places of this Hawaiian island olden techniques are performed

The black ink of the tattoo was made from burnt coconut shells. But as ages passed by Colours have been added to make the tattoo look more elegant and enhance its beauty gracefully.

Each art has its own Advantage and disadvantages, to list them few:


  • The tattoo is the most beautiful form of portraying the love, affection for one’s culture.
  • According to a study, tattoos make your immune system stronger.
  • It also makes you look different from others.


  • They are a very painful process.
  • It takes a lot of time for completion of a Particular form of design.
  • The permanent tattoos affect the skin, and it tends to lose its sensitivity.
  • The healing process of the tattoo is a very long one.

With so much positivity and Negativity, people love to ink their body with loads of beautiful pictures. These tattoos are mostly placed on the different parts of the body such as:

  • Head: It is the main point of the body, which is said to provide spirituality and wisdom.
  • Upper arms: They are said to be the strong parts of the body and usual bare parts, so hence tattooing on this part may reduce less pain as well it can be easily seen.
  • Neck: The neck is said to be one of the most beautiful parts of the body. It is a connection between spirituality and beauty.
  • Legs: They represent transformation.

Final Words

All in All, these were the best Hawaiian tattoos that you can try. Do comment below your favorite one and if you have any personal suggestions, do reach us. You can submit your tattoos and we’ll definitely feature them in our list of best Hawaiian tattoos ideas & designs. We’ll also keep updating the designs, so stay tuned!

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