If you take a good look around any tattoo studio, you will soon see that there is a vast array of tattoo designs for men and women, ranging from the traditional designs you might have seen fifty years ago, to modern tattoo designs more popular with today’s youth.

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Unfortunately, because there are so many different designs you can choose from, unless you have a firm idea of what kind of tattoo design you want, it can be really difficult to find a design that you like. So how on earth can you make a final decision when faced with all those fabulous tattoo designs for men and women?


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Many tattoo designs are suitable for men and women

….. but some styles of tattoo are more gender specific, although there is always a large overlap. Not all men like masculine designs, and vice versa, and whatever your gender, personality will always be a deciding factor when choosing a tattoo design.

Old school tattoo designs for men and women often included symbols such as anchors, roses, and pin-up girls. Sailors, soldiers, and working class men would have been proud to show off their tattoos and the more tattoos a man had, the tougher he looked.

It was less common for women to have tattoos and tattoos were often associated with gangs and the criminal fraternity; middle class men and women would never have been seen with visible tattoos on their body.

But times have changed and tattoos are now part of mainstream culture and men and women from all walks of life have tattoos. Tattoos for men and women are no longer linked to gang affiliation and a criminal past: tattoos are accepted everywhere and are considered to be an expression of artistic individuality.


What are good tattoo designs for men?

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Most men choose very masculine designs, although it is not unusual for men to have tattoos that incorporate feminine flourishes such as flowers. In by gone days, it was unusual for women to have tattoos and the majority of clientele at a tattoo studio would have been women.

As such, tattoos for men tended to follow certain themes and usually featured symbols of power and importance.

Tattoos for men are often designed to enhance the male characteristics of strength and physical power. Symbols such as mythical beasts and birds of prey are popular icons in tattoo designs for men, and when drawn well, they can be the centre piece of some very powerful tattoo designs.

Tribal tattoo designs are also popular with male clients, although many tribal designs can look just as effective on a woman.

Lots of men choose to have large tattoo designs covering their back or chest, and since a man can easily show off this part of his body, it makes sense to capitalize on the vast skin canvas of the chest area. Large and complex tattoo designs might include a number of different symbols and images, but large dragon designs are always a popular choice for a man.


What are good tattoo designs for women?


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Plenty of women like traditional masculine designs. Tribal tattoos are a good choice for men and women, and if drawn well, they can look highly effective on the feminine form, particularly when incorporated into ankle or upper arm bracelet designs.

Some women also like the idea of using masculine images such as mythical beasts and other symbols of strength in their tattoo designs, and since a tattoo should always be a very personal thing, it is perfectly acceptable to choose whatever you like.

However, although some women choose masculine designs for their tattoos, lots prefer more feminine designs. These can include flowers, angels, fairies, butterflies, stars, hearts, and other symbols more typically associated with women.

But aside from gender specific subjects, there are also certain tattoo styles more typically associated with women. Lower back “tramp stamp” tattoos are very much a female specific tattoo. Lower back tattoos are undeniably feminine, although they have become rather infamous in recent years and these days tend to have an unwanted sexual connotation.

Size is also an issue when it comes to tattoos for women. Most women prefer smaller tattoo designs and are less likely to choose a large tattoo that covers the upper body.

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Small, discrete tattoos are perfect for women, particularly those which highlight attributes such as the lower back or upper arms and shoulders. Lots of women also choose to have delicate tattoos on their ankles or wrists, as these can be very feminine.

There are so many tattoo designs for men and women that you are likely to be spilt for choice, but as long as you spend some time doing a bit of research before you make an appointment at the tattoo studio of your choice, you should be able to find the perfect tattoo design to suit your personality.