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Rihanna is a Barbadian recording artist and actress. Rihanna was born on February 20, 1988. Total Rihanna has 13 ink tattoos on her body and allocated on different place. Rihanna has a Music Note on Her Ankle, a Star In Her Left Ear, Pisces Sign Behind Right Ear, Sanskrit Prayer On Her Hip, Word 'love' On Her Left Middle Finger. Rihanna design ideas, ink, coolest tattoos, small and tribal.
Nuevo tatuaje maori de Rihanna en la mano
Rihanna maori tattoo on hand
Cameron SwiftCameron Swift 3years ago
Τατουάζ αστέρια στο λαιμό και στην πλάτη
Rihanna Bikini Instagram Photo
Diana LangeDiana Lange 3years ago
Rihanna says her Rebelle Fleur neck tattoo
Nicole InciarteNicole Inciarte 3years ago
Rihana Finger Tattoo
Barrbiee Barrbiee 3years ago
Desmotivaciones y carteles en español
Roxana MenseguezRoxana Menseguez 4years ago
Rihanna tattoos
cristinacristina 4years ago
Rihanna 2012
Alexia NavasAlexia Navas 4years ago
The Best and Worst Celebrity Tattoos
Seba CarrerasSeba Carreras 4years ago
JudiithJudiith 4years ago
Rihanna shhh
Sol PonceSol Ponce 4years ago
Rihanna muestra su nuevo tatuaje hot
CelebridadesCelebridades 4years ago
Welcome to Tijuana con Rihanna
V-TattooV-Tattoo 4years ago
La foto más sexy de Rihanna
Francesca TomasiFrancesca Tomasi 4years ago
Rihanna gets a falcon on her ankle
CelebridadesCelebridades 4years ago
JudiithJudiith 4years ago
Retrato de Rihanna
V-TattooV-Tattoo 4years ago
Rihanna red
JudiithJudiith 4years ago
JudiithJudiith 4years ago
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