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LEGO is a popular line of construction toys manufactured by The Lego Group, a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark. Official site: Lego design ideas, ink, coolest tattoos, small and tribal.
Gene Simmons Kiss LEGO tattoo
Pamela SosaPamela Sosa 2years ago
Batman and Robin Lego tattoo
Bradly NashBradly Nash 2years ago
Lego Spiderman
Lego Ghostbusters tattoo
Jack DanielsJack Daniels 3years ago
Lego Darth Vader tattoo
Lego Luke Skywalker tattoo
Lego Stormtrooper tattoo
Lego Leia tattoo
Lego Chewbacca tattoo
Lego Yoda tattoo
Lego Batman tattoo
Boba Fett lego
Monica KeenaMonica Keena 4years ago
Pirate lego tattoo
Jack DanielsJack Daniels 4years ago
I'am GAY friendly
Jack DanielsJack Daniels 4years ago
Han Solo and Princess Leia LEGO
Jack DanielsJack Daniels 4years ago
LEGO Ghostbusters Tattoo
Jason KayJason Kay 4years ago
LEGO tattoo on his thumb
Richard QuirozRichard Quiroz 4years ago