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Bird Tattoo Designs: Ideas and Meaning

Birds are a fav topic in the world of tattoo: they symbolize the spirit, the soul of the human being and the connection with the Nature and the Spiritual Realm. You can choose the bird you love, or search looking for a specific meaning. Here there are some of the most relevant results concerning these kind of tattoos.

Small bird tattoo

Small bird tattoo Small bird, with no identity, just small, fragile birds are suitable for meaning tender, shyness, search of identity, love for independence and solitude.

They are also ideal for girls and can be simply drawn like a shape, a shadow or be colorful and terrific.

Dove tattoo

Dove tattoo The dove means peace. She can carry an olive branch in its beak or simply be a canderous white. Dove also mean the long lasting love, because these animal have permanent relations with their mates.

Dove are simply adorable;being carriers of love, peace and spirituality made them especial.

Phoenix tattoo

Phoenix tattoo The phoenix is a mythical creature: its origin is Pagan but the first Christians adopted it like symbol of the Resurrection and Eternal Life.

The legend tells that this bird lived a long time and then in the last day of it life, weary and old, he deposited an egg in its nest and then proceeded to incinerate itself inside the nestle. When all the ashes and mess were cleaned, the egg shone like a pearl, cracked and a new Phoenix is born.

Phoenix are excellent for displaying great, colorful designs. You can proud of having a Phoenix tattoo knowing its meaning.

Hummingbird tattoo

Hummingbird tattoo Hummingbirds are an explosion of colour: they bring the innocence, the strength and the happiness of the Nature in its maximum splendour.

They are part of many legends of the American Natives but their meaning varies from culture to another, anyway , they are considered messengers and protectors.

They are a great design for anyone and they can be combined with flowers, animals, plants, and symbols.

Peacock tattoo

Peacock tattoo Peacocks feather are a display of fantasy, sensuality and spiritual gift at the same time.

You can have a tattoo showing peacocks feathers or a whole bird, it is you who decide it, but always peacocks are fascinating.

It symbolize integrity and beauty. They can bring portentous news to your life, grace, and protection.

Love bird tattoo

Love bird tattoo A couple of loving birds is always a romantic touch that shows your inner feelings.

You can have great designs with parakeets, doves or other sweet birds and lace this with your name and your lover’s name, and many other variants of style.

Quetzal bird tattoo

Quetzal bird tattoo The quetzal is bird which stands as the symbol of the Divinity, the Noble feeling, the High Spiritual Being in us.

It is a wonderful bird with extreme long, beautiful tale This an exclusive, delicate design for a spiritual person. It belongs to the Central America Native culture.

Parrot tattoo

Parrot tattoo Parrots have the ability of imitate the human voice and sometimes, they seems to talk by themselves. These birds are colorful, affectionate and lively.

You can feature a parrot if you are a person who love life and vitality , someone who is aware of the power of the word and the good humour.

Eagle tattoo

Eagle tattoo Eagles are the one of the most popular birds and they can show a wide range of feelings and sensations. They are part of the American Native culture embodying the Great Spirit, the courage, the wisdom, the unity.

At the same time, they are warriors birds, you can depict them as angry, furious, aggressive or maybe pensive and peaceful.

Raven tattoo

Raven tattoo Ravens are mystical birds, too. They can symbolize the dark side of life, the mystery, the communication with the Mystery, etc. They can be positive birds and are great designs for anybody.

Men and women can have ravens tattooed like shapes, solid forms or outlines. They can be combined with other symbols.
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